Monday, July 12, 2010

Has it really been since April?

Well classes are over, and I'm in full swing of my dissertation now. Right now, I'm poised for a distinction, but we'll see if that holds up given my propensity to procrastinate. Either way, despite not writing a thing, I have 333 responses (half of 666, you'll note) to my survey, looking at the marketing of sustainable goods and how they correspond with environmental attitudes. I'm supposed to have my methodology section written up by the 15th, but thus far it remains elusive. I do have an outline though, so I suppose it counts for something.

My new internship with ecoConnect has been going swimmingly, though. I'm really enjoying the chance to do a full-on social media/communications strategy. By the time I finish up on August 1, I should have a podcast, website, strategy, master deck, and a few blog posts under my belt. Not bad for two months work.

However, the job front still remains a mystery to me. I have yet to complete a generic cover letter that apparently is necessary for every job searching site. But I do have a good CV and resume with which to go into the hunt. What's difficult is finding where I fit. I tend to always be torn between so many different angles--business strategy, communications, finance/investment--that it can be difficult to know where I fit in. I suppose that combination will serve me well later on in more senior positions, but right now, I find it hard to pigeon-hole myself into the right job. Hopefully the search and some advice from some "trusted advisors" will help me figure that out. Consulting seems like a given, though I'm tending towards boutique firms right now, since I've had the "Big 4" experience. VC funds seem another avenue, as well as sustainable communications firms. What I know is that I need something that allows me to think, and most importantly, to strategise; however, what form that takes has yet to be fully decided. I did apply for a job with Fahrenheit 212, though, and it would be a fantastic fit, but I have yet to hear back from them. Time will tell, I guess.

Leeds is fine, though, for now. It's not my ideal city, but I only have a couple more months. I think, in the end, I just need a larger place, a better flat, and a bit more to do. People have started to move away, which isn't very fun, but a few of us remain. And I go down to London every few weeks, so it's a good chance to catch up with those who are off in the big city, now.

I did just get back from visiting Rome, though. It was amazing. I lived there for a bit as an undergraduate on a study abroad programe, and it was great to see my old haunts. I stayed with my Aunt Paula and Michael there for a week, up on the Gianicolo overlooking Rome. Since I had seen a lot of the sites, there was no need to go again, but we did hit a few museums, and I got a great tour of the Forum from Michael. The food, the people, and the city were wonderful, and it was hard to go back. But back I came, with suit in hand, no less. We went up to Florence for the day, did a bit of shopping, and even visited an archeological dig. But, on the way back down to Rome, our plans were slightly changed by a train strike, forcing us to stay in Arezzo for the night. Despite not being in the itinerary, it was a lovely town and you can't go wrong eating al fresco under an indigo sky.

So it's back to the grindstone. I'm sure now that I'm trying to actively avoid my dissertation, I'll be blogging more. At some point, I plan on switching back to the old blog--Thrice Told Tales, but I'm not sure when that'll be. Probably when I move out of Leeds, I suppose.

Ciao for now.

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  1. Yo Stephen. Sounds like you are making the right moves. Uncertain times never phase a sustainabilitist.

    You have all the sustain-abilties to enjoy a satisfying, or at the very worst, sustainable career.

    Enjoy yourself buddy,