Sunday, July 18, 2010

Covering Up

After much trepidation, I finally got my cover letter done (well, more drafted than done). It's still way too long, but there are now dots of darkness on the sea of blank pixels that had haunted my dock for the past week. The task of actually finishing it and sending it on to various companies in the hope that they pity me enough to offer up a job still remains, but there are (surprisingly) a number of jobs that I'm at least moderately qualified for/have at least a sliver of interest in.

The work on my dissertation never ceases, though, after talking to those on my program, we've realised that expecting more than a couple of hours work on it in any one day is probably pushing it. But I figure if I stick to a couple of hours each day, I should actually complete it. All I can say is thank god for having to learn typing in school. It's a lifesaver.

Now to procrastinate a bit more before I completely flip out and realise my methodology is completely baseless...

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