Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moving On

Friday, I finally bought a ticket to the states. I'm not necessarily going to call it my ticket back to the states, though more or less, it is. I leave from Leeds-Bradford on October 6, due to arrive in Kansas City on the same day...after 16 hours of traveling through Amsterdam and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Ugh.

It's a roundtrip ticket though--my open door back to the UK--though I'm sure I won't need it. I wanted to have something waiting, just in case, the day before I left, my dream job offer came through. Money, unsurprisingly, loomed large in the decision. Entry-level jobs don't pay as well here, and with student loans, visas, and other expenses, it would have made for a difficult year.

But, there are always ways around a money issue. Part of the challenge was that I felt like if I left the UK, somehow I would be leaving it forever. Only recently have I come to the realization that just because you leave some place doesn't mean your connections to it die as well. Through a couple of new opportunities, I can retain my business and personal connections to this island, possibly even strengthening them.

Although it's trite, I think I simply had to shift my perspective to understand that instead of leaving England, a bit of England was coming along with me. I'm not sure how I changed, but I feel like I grew up a bit whilst over here. If nothing else, I gained more confidence in my own abilities.

After Kansas City for a week or two, I'll most likely move to New York. I feel pretty confident in this decision; whenever I think about it I smile. But my head is so full of ideas and things to do that it's a bit hard to concentrate. I'm excited for the change, but ready to get settled down again. For the next few weeks, I'll be jumping from place to place, city to city, trying to tie up loose ends, start some new projects, and (hopefully) having a bit of fun.

Either way, come Oct 6, I'll be headed back home, ready to dig into some good food, relax, and start over in a new place.

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